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Koi – Living Jewels - Nishikigoi

Koi always become an attraction and an inspiration with its vividness
and delicacy for the whole humanity. Koi has been the symbol of
strength, perseverance, love, bravery, dedication, tenacity, courage,
wealth and abundance, nonconformity and luck for centuries.
According to the legend, koi toiled against the odds for hundred
years, until finally, a single koi crested the top of the waterfall to
make it into the river above the yellow river. The waterfall is named
after as Dragon Gate and is called by this name nowadays.

The spirit of the river who witnessed this colossal achievement
rewarded the courageous fish for its perseverance by transforming
the koi into a golden dragon. This dragon fish now traverses the skies
above the river, constantly seeking pearls of wisdom.
Apart from the legend of golden dragon, Koi is a great symbol of Yin
Yang and duality philosophy.



Clear glossy transparent glaze over pearl white clay


This piece is all handmade and will be made just for you.

Because this piece is made for order, cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged.






Koi - Clear Knob

  • Clairvoyance Collection Designed by This is KHEPRI

    Number of Knobs: 1

    Color: Clear

    DIMENSIONS:  2.9'' X 4.7'' X 1.6''

                                    75 mm X 120mm X 43 mm

    MATERIAL:   Highest quality ceramic, M4 steel bolt and nuts

    PEOPLE EMPLOYED:   2 artists

    TIME SPEND: 60 minutes on hand

    HANDMADE:  Drawing, modeling, retouching, painting, assembling processes has been made by professional hands.

    FIRED TWICE: Each of our ceramic products has been fired twice for 30 hours each. Every product has a total 60 hours of the firing process in an industrial ceramics kiln between 1040°C - 1320°C 

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