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Five equable corners merged with finely detailed curves to become one with Quintus. Any furniture installed with Quintus will have a Majestic look!


Motion in Time
It’s hard to explain this glaze like explaining the time. Some glossy, some matt and opaque yet depending on the surface. It feels like time magnified to see now, past and future…



This piece is all handmade and will be made just for you.

Because this piece is made for order, cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged.






Quintus - Motion in Time Knob

  • Majestic Collection Designed by This is KHEPRI

    Number of Knobs: 1

    Color: Motion in Time

    DIMENSIONS:  1.77'' X 1.77'' X 1.85''

                                    45 mm X 45mm X 47 mm

    MATERIAL:   Highest quality ceramic, M4 steel bolt and nuts

    PEOPLE EMPLOYED:   2 artists

    TIME SPEND: 25 minutes on hand

    HANDMADE:  Drawing, modeling, retouching, painting, assembling processes has been made by professional hands.

    FIRED TWICE: Each of our ceramic products has been fired twice for 30 hours each. Every product has a total 60 hours of the firing process in an industrial ceramics kiln between 1040°C - 1320°C 

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