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Introduce a one-of-a-kind addition to your dinnerware collection with our Amorphous Wave Service Plate. Each plate is handmade with stoneware material, ensuring durability and longevity. The unique design of this plate is hand painted, with each wave and curve perfectly crafted to add a touch of luxury to your dining experience. Measuring at 24cm, this service plate is perfect for any meal, from a casual brunch to an elegant dinner party. Bring a touch of sophistication to your table setting with this exquisite piece of handmade ceramic decor.

Amorphous Wave Service Plate - 24cm

  • Designed by This is KHEPRI

    Number of Piece: 1

    Color:   Green Wave

    DIMENSIONS:   H: 0.98'' R: 9.44'' 

                                    H: 2.5 cm  R: 24 cm 

    MATERIAL:   Highest quality stoneware

    PEOPLE EMPLOYED:   2 artists

    TIME SPEND: 30 minutes on hand

    HANDMADE:  Drawing, modeling, retouching, painting, assembling processes has been made by professional hands.

    FIRED TWICE: Each of our ceramic products has been fired twice for 30 hours each. Every product has a total 60 hours of the firing process in an industrial ceramics kiln between 1040°C - 1320°C 

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